Who we are

PhilScience Press is an academic imprint of the Infarom press company, serving the PhilScience organization. We are an academic publisher producing and distributing printed books on various topics in the areas listed below, with the contributions of authors and researchers of all levels, from early career to those well established. We also edit the online PhilScience Magazine.

Our areas

Our topics belong formally to the disciplines dealing with science as their direct or indirect object of investigation, regardless of the diffuseness of their borders, namely: Philosophy of Science, of Mathematics, of Mind, of Language, of Education, Metascience, Epistemology, History of Science, of Mathematics, of Ideas, Sociology of ScienceCitizen ScienceScience Education, Educational Sciences, Cognitive SciencesCognitive Psychology - Neurosciences, Applied Mathematics.

Our thesis and mission

Humanity has entered a scientific era in which interdisciplinarity, technology, and global problems are shaping the classical sciences into new forms. Meanwhile, public interest in science has risen dramatically. This is an era of challenges in regard to the way we do science and the way we communicate it. Contemporary scientific research is seeking new conceptual frameworks and methodologies through which to accommodate interdisciplinarity, applicability, technology, and unification in various directions.

Science education is facing perhaps the biggest challenge adapting itself to the new science evolution, whether we are talking about formal school curricula or education for the general public. In this fast-changing environment, we believe that academic books must leave to the web technologies the static role of dividing and organizing established knowledge and take the more active role of addressing the critical and foundational issues and questions of contemporary sciences, thereby contributing effectively to shaping and communicating the new science in an adequate form and language. Such books must guide the readers through the breadth and complexity of academic knowledge and show them the paths relevant to their interests. We believe that this new role requires new types of books, of style, format, and content. Our mission is to provide such books.

We also believe that with the challenges posed by contemporary science, the philosophical disciplines dealing with science will be revitalized with the mission of being more applicative than they ever were.

Our contributors

  • You can contribute to PhilScience as an author or expert. As an author, you may submit an article to our online magazine or propose a book. Experts include reviewers, (guest) editors, interviewers, science journalists, proofreaders, and translators.

    We work with contributors from Master’s and PhD students to R1-R4 researchers. We love to see publications authored or edited by students, who can enlarge their publication portfolio and include their contributions in the reported academic duties of their doctoral work. As such, we are proud to call ourselves a students’ press.

  • PhilScience research

    As a researcher, you may get involved in our organization's research projects and combine your editorial activity with academic research.
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